Accredited Youth Mental Health Training

“Lori Is confident, professional and understanding. Delivery was interesting and engaging. I truly feel empowered to both read and help my children”

Kate, Mental Health First Aid Delegate

Youth Mental Health HALF day online course

What you will learn:

  • A basic understanding of some common mental health issues and how they can affect young people
  • Skills to work more effectively with young people living with mental health issues
  • Ways to support young people with a mental health issue and relate to their experiences
Course structure:
  • Language and mental health issues
  • What is mental health?
  • Mental health conditions, including self harm and suicide.
  • Supporting young people in distress
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing

Everyone who completes the session gets a certificate to say you are Youth Mental Health Aware and a manual to keep and refer to whenever you need it

Youth MHFA Two Day course

Completing our two day course qualifies you as a Youth Mental Health First Aider. Youth Mental Health First Aiders have:

  • An in depth understanding of young people’s mental health and factors that affect wellbeing
  • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues
  • Confidence to reassure and support a young person in distress
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening
  • Knowledge to help a young person recover their health by guiding them to further support – whether that’s through self-help sites, their place of learning, the NHS, or a mix – engaging with parents, carers and external agencies where appropriate
  • Ability to support a young person with a long term mental health issue or disability to thrive
  • Tools to look after your own mental wellbeing The course is delivered

The course is delivered in four manageable chunks:

  • About mental health
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Suicide and psychosis
  • Self-harm and eating disorders

It focuses on the issues faced by young people today, such as cyber bullying and substance misuse, and teaches how to promote protective factors and good parenting. Everyone who completes the course gets a Youth MHFA manual to refer to whenever they need it, and a certificate to say they are a Youth Mental Health First Aider.

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